iPhone replacement screen: What you need to know

There’s nothing in the world that cannot be damaged or cannot fade away! The same goes for iPhone screens which are often found damaged or not working due to hardware or software issues. A lot of users usually replace their iPhone screens because it’s either damaged or completely broken. 

We believe in educating our customers with accurate information. That being said, before you replace your iPhone screen, there are a lot of things you must consider. So let’s uncover them now!

OEM vs Aftermarket iPhone Screen

OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer. The iPhone that you purchase from Apple Store or on Amazon (sold by Apple) comes with an OEM screen. But once your iPhone screen is damaged or not working properly and when you consider it replacing with aftermarket screens, there’s always a twist in the tale! That’s because the aftermarket iPhone screens are the duplicate ones and they differ as compared to OEM. 

You should always look at the certifications that a particular iPhone screen has got. If it has certain certifications from Apple or relevant firms, then it can be considered as it can cost you cheaper as compared to the OEM. 

How to tell if an iPhone screen is original?

There are a lot of ways described by Apple through which you can easily find out which iPhone screen is original or not. This includes night shift, haptic touch, white balance and a lot more but the easiest way to find original the iPhone screen is by checking the True Tone option. Here’s how you can check it. 

Depending on your iPhone model, swipe up or swipe down on your home screen and long-press on the Brightness option

It would display three options if it’s an original iPhone screen. They are Dark Mode, Night Shift and True Tone. The ones with duplicate displays will not have a True Tone option; of course, it will have the rest 2 options. 

You can watch the video here to know more in detail regarding original vs duplicate iPhone screens. 

What’s the best iPhone screen replacement brand?

If we take Amazon’s reviews into consideration, there are a plethora of brands that promise users to provide Apple-certified screens. But make sure you check all the reviews before you make a decision. Or you can simply rely on our below given data to replace the best iPhone screen. 

When it comes to iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models, Drscreen and QTlier Store are the most trusted screen replacement brands respectively. For iPhone 8 and iPhone XR, you can consider BeeFix Store and Fixerman Store respectively. iPhone SE screen replacement best brand is Mobkitfp and for iPhone 11 series you can rely on products from Oli & Ode Store. 

The above mentioned are not the only brands, there are a lot of other options available too. All you need is a bull’s-eye to find the perfect product which is almost similar to the original one. 

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen?

It completely depends on your current iPhone model and the medium (online or offline) you choose to replace your iPhone’s screen. If you visit the Apple Store, it’s surely going to cost you more as they prefer to replace it with an OEM display. But when you opt-in for third-party services, or maybe from Amazon or any other website like ours, you can always expect the cost to be reduced by 50%. 

On average the older iPhone models like iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 might cost you around $20 to $50 and the higher-end models like XR, iPhone 11 might cost you $70 to $100 depending on the manufacturer and the features of the display (along with kit). 

Can you replace your own iPhone screen?

To be honest, yes, you can replace your own iPhone screen if you’re good at detailing and have the kit along with the replacement screen. While this might take you a good amount of time and also need some skills, it’s always advised to get it done with the help of an expert to avoid any hardware problems later on. 

Where to buy iPhone screen replacement?

There are a lot of options to buy the iPhone screen. If you’re not worried about the high cost and want an OEM screen, you can always visit to Apple Store and get it changed. But if you’re tight on budget and if you aren’t planning to use the iPhone for more than 2 years after screen replacement, it’s always better to go with third-party screens that work pretty well for 2 years and sometimes more!

You can buy it on Amazon or on our website if you want the best quality iPhone screens for any models. Moreover, we have most of the parts that can be replaced on your iPhone. Do check them out if needed. 

iPhone replacement screen cost (at Apple, Amazon, and Online)

This completely depends on your iPhone model as we explained above. Say, for example, you want to replace a screen for your iPhone 6, it might cost you a good $100 or above at an Apple Store but when you choose Amazon or any other online store that sells screen replacements, it will cost you just $20 to $50 maximum depending on the screen you choose. It is much cheaper as compared to Apple Store charges. The same goes for all other iPhone models as well. 

We hope you have now got enough information on iPhone screen replacement. Stay tuned to Phone Parts Max for more such insights and shop with us for the finest iPhone parts!

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