Best iPhone 8 replacement screen brand

It is evident that iPhone 8 has been an all time classic smartphone that many users around the world still use. For many of us iPhone 8 devices have been the most solid and durable gadgets that Apple has ever presented to the public.

Despite all that, the most vulnerable part of the phone remains its touchscreen. For many reasons people break or crack it. Other ones can also lose some of their pixels and become blurry or unreadable. That is why the screen replacement kits sold on Amazon are more than famous to give you back the iPhone 8 features you always wanted. 

All these at a fraction of the price you were going to pay if you visited a service center. Here are the most reviewed and renowned screen replacement kits for you to choose the one that matches your needs better. 

CLWJH iPhone 8 Screen Replacement

The CLWJH company has recently entered the world of iPhone parts replacement. The current screen replacement kits match only the iPhone 8 series and that is why you should be careful when ordering one. 

The screen clarity and transparency are important and you don’t need to worry about them when getting this kit. You will also have all the necessary tools and adhesives you are going to need in order to change the screen the right way. People who have tried it before admit that it was an extremely easy procedure that average persons can perform in less than 30 minutes.

The screen needs to stick close to the case and you will have to be careful not to crack it close to the edges. It costs only $25.99 and can ship to you worldwide. That screen replacement kit has been tested in the factory so that it can offer you the most precise and direct recovery service for your iPhone 8.

BeeFix iPhone 8 Screen Replacement

BeeFix is a well-established company in the domain of iPhone replacement kits. This one is compatible with iPhone 8 and not any other editions of Apple’s favorite smartphones. You can order it for only $27.96 that is a reduced price compared to the past. Consider that some of the parts are also made in the United States that is why the quality of the final products remains undeniable.

The product is eligible for Amazon fast shipment and can reach you anywhere in the world. You will have all the tools you need to open the iPhone 8 case and remove the old and cracked screen. Then all the glue and adhesives are also available in the same kit to place the new screen to its final position. The replacement kits address all clarity and pixel issues, as well as any issues deriving from the sensitive touchpad.

With BeeFix you can be sure of the product you get since it has been thoroughly tested before it exits the factory. People believe it’s one of the most complete solutions for fixing the iPhone8 screen issues you may have.

YPLANG iPhone 8 Replacement Screen

It has been the screen replacement kit for iPhone 8 with the least problems overall. YPLANG produces screen replacements for all iPhone series, however one of the most valuable and reliable ones, remain the kits referring to the iPhone 8 series. 

It costs a little more than its competitors, selling at $34.99 that is still one of the lowest prices you will find in the market. The kit comes with a sophisticated tools part that requires you only to watch a relevant video before you start playing with your iPhone 8. It literally needs less than 15 minutes to remove your old screen and place the new one.

YPLANG gives you a month’s money back guarantee for your satisfaction and remains there for any online inquiries you may have. The pre-installed installation manual is always there for you to check and resolve any additional questions you may have. Not to mention, that this screen replacement kit is also good for dead pixels and touch screen issues that you haven’t even mentioned before.

With YPLANG screen replacement kit you will never be wrong and can always rely on to find a solution for your cracked iPhone 8 screen.

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