Best iPhone 7 Replacement Screen Brand

If you want to look for the most incredible smartphone of all times, you can look at the iPhone 7. It has been one of Apple’s blockbusters and remained a top-selling iPhone since its first appearance in 2015. 

One of its biggest problems that has been common for all iPhones was that the screen was vulnerable to cracks and dead pixels. This could happen suddenly and make you lose all your applications as well as other features of the famous smartphones.

If you don’t want to pay a fortune and get your iPhone 7 to the service stores, you can buy the best iPhone 7 replacement screen kits and try to do it yourself.

Here you will find the most prominent and successful iPhone 7 replacement screen kits that are now available on Amazon for direct delivery.

OKBICHI Screen Replacement for iPhone 7

The OKBICHI Screen replacement kit for iPhone 7 comes with all manuals and information you are going to need to start and complete the whole procedure. People that have bought this tool before, say that OKBICHI can give you a tutorial guide that you cannot override and make any mistake.

The iPhone 7 screen replacement kit provides you with the right tools to open the case and remove the old screen. Then you will also have available the adhesives and glues you need to stabilize the new screen to its final place. The current price comes up to $24.99 that is a competitive price compared to anything else you have recently heard about.

The screen replacement kit may also deal with any kind of burnt pixels or touch screen issues the old iPhone 7 could have. The new kit gives you a money back guarantee and you can easily send it back if you are not fully satisfied by your purchase.

LanSupp Screen Replacement for iPhone 7

Another great proposal for your iPhone 7 replacement screen kit comes from LanSupp the Chinese supporter. It costs approximately $25.99 and is among the most affordable screen replacement kits you will ever find online. The kit comes with all tools and adhesives you are going to need. Plus you are going to have access to the videos that are available online for the installation procedure. 

The LanSupp gives you a 12 month guarantee period for the iPhone 7 replacement screen kit. At the same time you enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee to make sure that you are fully satisfied by your purchase.

The screen fits only for the iPhone 7 and not for the X or S models. You will also get the touch screen button together with the speakers you are going to need to hook up so that your iPhone 7 can come back to life. With the LanSupp screen kit you will have the most transparent pictures and sound back to your iPhone 7.

BeeFix Screen Replacement for iPhone 7

BeeFix is a well-known company that provides iPhone users with numerous backup parts for their smartphones. The iPhone 7 screen replacement kits remains one of the most popular parts it has ever marketed to the world public.

The kit costs about $36.99 on Amazon and is eligible for direct shipment no matter where you live. With the part you are going to get a list of all the necessary tools to perform the case opening and the adhesion of the new screen. 

All BeeFix parts are tested before they reach you, that is why its products are above the average spare parts price for iPhone 7. The current screen replacement kit is tested for clarity and transparency. It can deal with any touch screen issues you may have and other dead pixel malfunctions you could also have.

The most extraordinary thing with BeeFix products is that they are covered with online tutoring and help. People who cannot find a way to replace their screen can always watch the videos or even call the company to help them operate their iPhone 7 and ultimately change their cracked screen.

BeeFix remains one of the best iPhone 7 screen replacement kits that can give you a brand new screen lasting for many years to come. 

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